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Forensics Bootcamp

Crowd Applauding

June 6-10: Evident Life Church

Come and spend five days in intensive study and writing for both debate and speech. By the end of this week, you will have your full affirmative and negative cases for the Stoa debate season as well as one speech written and memorized.

Daily Schedule

  • 9-12: LD Debate

  • 1-3: Speech


  • 9: Prayer, group discussion, and debate daily goals (Dr. White)

  • 10: Guest Presenter (changes daily)

  • 11: Breakout writing sessions

  • 12:30: Lunch (Allergy-friendly lunches will be provided by Dr. White)

  • 1: Speech Daily Goals lesson (Dr. White)

  • 2-3: Breakout writing/practice sessions


Cost: $100 for Debate and Speech (ages 12 and up)

          $25 for Speech only (7 and up)

          Max family cost of $200 per family

Benefits: Guidance from experts in the areas of speech, rhetoric, spin, and public speaking

                Lunch and snacks included

                Curated books to keep and use for reference throughout the year

                Fun and memorable experience with fellow homeschool students

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